About Us
About us (The emphatic Triglot)

About us (The emphatic Triglot)

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,



“The Apostolic Faith” is a non-profit organization registered with the EU.

The main purpose of this organization for many years has been the publication with analysis and comments of the works of the Church Fathers (80-451 A.D.) and of the later saints from all traditions who clashed with the later apostates.

Today, with a sense of solemn responsibility we inform you that after the course of many years our Organization produced a unique edition of the Holy Bible.

The Emphatic Triglot: The Greek Bible for the English speaking people.


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For the first time the English-speaking people will be able to see anaglyptically, i.e. clearly and in detail, through The Emphatic Triglot all the follies and deviations of the English translations from the original Hebrew and Greek languages.

Dr. Nichol Zagga,
General Editor-in-chief