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What Is the Emphatic Triglot?
In this edition, and under the auspices of the non-profit
Center of Bibli-
cal & Patristic Studies,
The Apostolic Faith,
every possible
effort was made to present English-speaking people with the most complete
edition of the Holy Scriptures.
In the Old Testament, we used:
The AKJV Bible, which is based on the KJV, the most esteemed
translation of the Hebrew voweled text (
) into English.
A parallel column containing the English translation by Sir Lancelot
C.L. Brenton of the 70 (
), the Greek translation from the vowelless
Hebrew text (
the latter is a lost work
Finally, to resolve any serious deviations between the AKJV (KJV)
and the 70 (
), we used the translation by Jerome (A.D.347-420),
a Latin theologian and historian, who became a Doctor of the Church for his
translation of the Bible into Latin (
the Vulgate
). This translation is the only
other one derived from the vowelless Hebrew text.
In the New Testament, we used:
The AKJV Bible, which is in accordance with the KJV—the most
esteemed translation of the Greek text into English, which is based on the
critical edition of J. Stephanous.
A parallel column, where we recorded the original Greek text based
on the Textus Receptus, Byzantine, Nestle, and UBS; and used Latin charac-
ters to depict the original Greek text so it may be read by English speakers.
Finally, within the interlinear line Latin characters for all the words of the
original text (
with the exception of the auxiliary ones
) of Greek origin. .
All this gigantic effort was undertaken so that the life-giving truths
of the Bible could be accurately presented in accordance with:
a) the conceptual/grammatical analysis,
b) the comparative study of the verses,
and c) the hermeneutic boundaries of the early undivided Church (AD 33-451)
which handed down to us the Canon (
) of the books of the Holy Bible.
Thy word, O Lord, abides in heaven for ever.
Thy truth [endures] to all generations;
” 70-Septuagint
For ever, O Lord, thy word standeth firm in heaven.
Thy truth unto all generations”
For ever, O LORD, your word is settled in heaven.
Your faithfulness is to all generations:
PS. 118/119:89,90 - AMEN