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The book
of the generation of Jesus Christ,
The small No
indicates other references in the Bible, e.g.
Luke 3:23
Ps. 132:11, Is.11:1, Jer. 23:5, Ch. 22:42, John 7:42, Acts 2:30, 13:23. Ro. 1:3
They are placed in the central column.
Idou hè parthenos en gastri hexei kai texetai
hyion (
Greek transliterated
Behold, a virgin shall be
with child (English translation)
The bold or underlined phrases indicate references from
the Old Testament.
Biblos*1 geneseos*2
The book of the generation of Jesus Christ
refers to the words that occur in the transliter-
ated text and are of Greek origin used in the English language.
You will find it in the bottom column.
The separated --- or dotted .... lines indicate that the rest of the text
is not extant or is not included in this version. The marks [ ]* indicate
that this part was not included in the 4 main manuscripts. (
See: p. 1244
The division of the Holy Bible in chapters created in A.D. 1206 by Stephen Langton.
The division of the Holy Bible in verses created A.D. 1551 by Robert Stephanus.
In 1434 the first printed book in the world was produced by Johann Gutenberg:
The Holy Bible.