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The New Testament was composed in a 50 years period
1) the American King James Version,
2) the original Greek text transliterated with Latin characters, ,
3) all the words that occur in the transliterated text
with Greek origin and used in the English language.
“We must give attention to the Prophets, but exceptionally to the Gospel, for in it was revealed
the passion and fulfilled the resurection ...The Gospel ... has something separated, it has the pres-
ence of the Saviour ... His passion and His resurrection. The beloved prophets proclaimed Him, but
the Gospel is the covering of incorruptibility.”
Ιgnatius of Antioch, c. A.D. 114,
To Smyrneans 7:2, To Philadelphians 9:2
As the Mosaic Law, the same and the New Testament, both are usefull for all time, and they were
given by the same God for the prosperity of the human genreς ...Read carefully the Gospel, which
was derived to us from the apostles, read the Prophets and found in them the teaching and tha pas-
sions of our Saviour.
Irenaeus of Lyon (+202)