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For the first time the English-speaking people will
be able to see anaglyptically, i.e. clearly and in de-
tail, through The Emphatic Triglot all the follies and
deviations of the English translations from the origi-
nal Hebrew and Greek languages
Dr. Nichol Zagga, General Editor-in-chief
I have to admit that the famous Shakespeare
phrase, ‘It seems all Greek to me’, with The Emphat-
ic Triglot, became ‘All Greek is for me’...”
Dr. Constantinos Dragkiotis
Old Testament Editor-in-chief
If English-speaking readers (scholars, students, or lay persons)
see that The Emphatic Triglot is the product of Greek scholars
reaching out to them from the heart of Greece with something
authentically Greek, including the historical Greek sounds, then
the whole project will become the focal point of a bright light
that will shine past initial reader curiosity, timelessly
attracting readers to what is purely Greek.
Dr. Philemon Zachariou
New Testament Editor-in-chief