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Holy Bible
is essentially a collection of 66 books,
compiled over 1,500 years by 40 different authors.
Of those books, 39 books comprise the Old Testament, and 27 the New Testament.
What is included in the Old Testament?
Aside from a
short description of the Creation of the World and the emergence of all na-
tions, the Old Testament generally describes the birth of a Monotheistic religion
and how it survived in relation to the successes and failures of the Hebrew people.
Furthermore, the Old Testament analyzes the ethical superiority of Monotheism and
the way to live in accordance to the Will of the One True God.
What is included in the New Testament?
Τhe F
our Gospels
are essentially four biographies of Jesus Christ,
the incarnated Son and Word of God, who brought the divine teaching of the
New Testament (Μat. 13:35) and who, by his sacrifice on the cross and defeat of death
through his resurrection, provided for man the way to salvation from sin and death.
describe the activities of the early Christians and their mission
to preach the gospel to all the then known world.
21 Εpistles
include an analysis of the teachings of Jesus Christ
and provide advice and encouragement regarding Christian life.
Finally, the book of
describes the final triumph of Christ.
The Holy Bible therefore includes the teachings and experiences of holy men who
lived and walked with God. In order that the truth be set within a factual context—
aside from the indisputable historical, archeological, ethnological, and scientific
information in support of the Bible message
—the central message of these holy men of
God is to use the Scriptures in order to “
Draw close to God, and He will draw close
to you
” (Jam. 4:8).
From the beginning of the Christian Church the advice has been the same:
Look diligently into the Scriptures, which are the true sayings of the Holy
Spirit ... Ye know ... and know well, the sacred Scriptures, and have looked into the
oracles of God; ...”
Clement of Rome (AD 100), To the Corinthians 45:2, 53:1
These are the sources of salvation, from which, every one who is thirsty,
can draw out from the Word of God. Only in him is found the teaching of godliness.
For this reason the Lord rebuked the Pharissees, saying: ‘
You do err, not knowing
the scriptures
’, (Mat. 22:9) and added to the Jews the following words: ‘
Search the
’ (John 5:39) ...
Athanasius of Alexandria (296-373)
It is impossible for somebody to be saved without the reading of
the Holy Scriptures ... You do not hear the voice of the Apostle Paul,
that “
they are written for our admonition
...” 1 Co. 10:11, why do you
turn aside the Scriptures? This attitude is from the devil, who seeks
to restrain, in order that you do not see the treasures within them
and not receive their rich blessings.
John Chrysostom (337-407)
Own and read carefully the Holy Scriptures and never let them
from your hand
Jerome ( 342-420)
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